Kaizen Safety

About Us

What Is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.” It is a Japanese business philosophy regarding the processes that continuously improve operations and involve all employees. Kaizen sees improvement in productivity as a gradual and methodical process towards operational excellence.

At the Kaizen Safety Group, we commit this philosophy to all aspects of our business. This focused positive improvement affects not only our company and the services we offer, but also our client and work family lives.
We have an established, strong belief that we provide a higher quality of safety solution-based services to all markets globally. Our leadership’s 93 years of combined safety and business management experience support these beliefs and the sustainability of our company.
The Kaizen philosophy combined with our industry experience, knowledge, and trusted safety network is your solution to perpetual safety culture improvement.

Our Vision

A world where people are empowered to work safely for productivity and profitability.

Our Mission

To be a trusted and respected safety management organization, protecting and continuously improving ourselves and our clients.


To offer the highest quality safety management to our clients with skilled and experienced safety professionals.

To maintain an organization built on loyalty and trust where effective leadership and team development are viewed as the keys to our success.

To promote honest feedback from both our valued clients and work family members to ensure we are always maintaining excellent services.

To engage Indigenous communities to establish genuine relations for the purpose of providing solutions, training, employment, and joint business opportunities.

To help protect our clients’ personnel, assets, and other stakeholders by delivering the training and coaching for continuous improvement to their systems, procedures, and personnel behaviors.

Our Industry Affiliations

Our business affiliations

At Kaizen Safety Group, we strongly believe in establishing and maintaining positive business relationships. This concept makes our organization stronger and ensures our client needs are supported within our group of business affiliates. This group includes the following services and additional resources:


Fire Suppression


Water Management

Industrial Hygiene

Flood Mitigation

Plume Ignition

Custom Fabrication

Our Expert Team

At Kaizen Safety Group, we have established our company goals, objectives and values based on concepts of trust, honesty, and integrity. We have assembled a team of experienced, well known, trusted associates and affiliates to support our business goals and objectives. Please click on a picture to learn more about a Kaizen family member.

Grant Kelly, Owner

Director of Quality

Mark Brown, Owner

Director of Business

Phil McGeough, Owner

Director of Business

Carrey Brown

Business Administration

Marty Rehman, CSS

Senior Business

Erin Young

Social Media Marketing

Gerry Scanland, OHSC

Senior OH&S

Our Locations

Our operations are dynamic and mobile. Contact us today to see how we can provide service and coverage to your geographic location or project at no extra cost.