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Safety Leadership

Leadership for Operational Excellence

LOE is much more than a set of training courses. It is a philosophy on the way companies can do business.

Safety Culture

We believe it has also been proven that most incidents as well as poor productivity are direct results of people and their behaviours.

Safety Leadership

In a truly interdependent safety culture, we all expect our people to be able to identify hazards, assess the associated risks, and do all that is realistically possible to prevent negative incidents. We want them to be ready, willing, and able to help and support each other.
Over the past 25 years we have refined many of the tools which help organizations to plan, prepare, and deliver these programs and daily routines. Implementation and improvement of these tools will result in a greatly reduced Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), enhanced employee performance, a greater sense of teamwork, and worker retention. This will lead to higher profitability.
In Safety Leadership we deal with many of the topics covered in the LOE program so that there is a clear understanding of how to lead teams. We then spend time on the more technical aspects of topics such as:
  • Risk Assessment – Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Effective Toolbox Talks
  • Stop the Job – A right and an obligation
  • Positive Safety Intervention (PSI) – Interdependence
  • Safety & Operations Meetings
  • Contractor Oversight
  • Incident Investigation
  • After Action Reviews (AAR) – Continuous improvement


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The Chief Financial Officer asks the Chief Executive Officer “Why are you spending so much money developing our people? What if we spend all that money and they leave us?” To which the CEO replied, “What if we don’t and they stay?”
A Kaizen Safety Group representative will be happy to show how we can help your team build and maintain more effective Safety Leadership within your organization.

For more info, please email info@kaizensafety.ca