Kaizen Safety

My Hero, My Mom

As National Volunteer week comes to an end in 2022, the volunteers this week won’t stop. Here’s a story about just one of these Heroes.

Some people call her Jannette Anderson, or Jan, or worse. I thankfully get to call her Mom, or Moms as my brother and I would say (inside joke). Kaizen Cares is all about her, and the work she does everyday. Last year when we lost my brother Clint, she didn’t miss a stitch. I asked her for a little bit of her story, in her words.

Take it away MOMS!

I started crocheting little by little in 1977 preparing to start a family of my own. I managed to make 2 blankets which took me forever. Then the birth of my first amazing son on May 8, 1978 & another amazing son born on Aug 8, 1981. Life got very busy with raising my sons & years later I returned to a FT job, so my crocheting was put on hold for several years.

In 2014 I returned to crocheting, but more serious now as I had time on my hands since my retirement in 2012.


100 crocheted toques to Hope Mission in Edmonton.


Each year London Drugs will have a Xmas tree inside their store with name tags on the tree only with the first names of low-income seniors in a lodge for specific items they require which they can’t afford.  I adopted 2 low-income senior ladies & crocheted them each scarves & beanie.


25 crocheted toques to Salvation Army.


25 crocheted baby beanies for Basically Babies in Edmonton. This is a charity to provide items to families in extreme need in the Edmonton area.


This was my 1st year crocheting 25 beanies & scarves for a new organization called Purses Filled with Love. This organization hands out used & or new purses as the following items are included inside with hygiene items, new clothing, perfume, jewellery, snacks, gift certificates to the less fortunate ladies on the streets. This will be my 6th year crocheting for this registered chartable organization. To date I’ve crocheted approx. 125 beanies & some with matching scarves.



In July & Aug I crocheted 400 small hearts for Baby Steps Walk to Remember. This organization is for anyone touched by the loss of a precious baby during pregnancy or anytime after birth. The parent/parents meet usually in the fall of each yr & is given a heart with a string attached with their child’s name & they usually walk around the Parliament Ground. It’s a way for honouring their loved ones & the parent/parents keep the heart for their Forever Keepsake for their Treasure Box


50 crocheted beanies/toques made for the homeless shelter in Whitecourt, AB


50 crocheted beanies/toques for the men & ladies at the senior’s lodge in Whitecourt, AB.


Crocheted 50 sets of 2 each blanket sets with matching beanies with 1 red crocheted heart per set

Crocheted 25 sets of 2 each baby capes with matching beanies with 1 red crocheted heart per set

All of these sets were for the Delivery & Bereavement Dept at the Royal Alex Hospital where babies have passed away through birth or miscarriage. This dept lets the parent/parents chose which set they’d like to have on their baby & the other set is for the parent/parents to keep for their Forever Keepsake Treasure Box. This helps them with their grieving process like it has with mine with the loss of my 2 miscarriages in the early mid 70s


Crocheted 25 small pink beanies for little girls that are in the organization called Sparks in Edmonton & 8 pink adult beanies for the leaders of Sparks


Crocheted 15 small blankets called lapghans for men to be placed on their laps to stay warm & 36 shawls for the ladies in a senior’s lodge in Whitecourt. AB


Crocheted 110 pr of slippers for Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton for the parents when their children require serious medical attention at the hospitals. These slippers will be shared with the other 4 Ronald McDonald Houses in AB


Crocheted 60 coffee/tea drink coasters for the men & ladies at the senior’s lodge at Whitecourt, AB

2021 I adopted once again at Xmas 2 senior men through London Drugs charity request for Xmas crocheting them toques with matching scarves. (SAME INFO FROM 2016 with London Drugs)


This was my first year crocheting numerous blankets with matching beanies for the NICUs for tiny babies weighing from 1.5-5lbs while they are hooked up to hoses & tubes. Some of these babies their stay can be up to 1 year requiring special medical attention in the NICU.

Plus, I crochet for family & friends.

Plus, she crochets for family and friends…amazing lady.

Please thank a volunteer anytime you can, I know I will.

Love you, Moms.